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Why choose services of Gajna Overseas


We have wide variety of packaging options to suit the various environmental conditions and hence maintaining the quality for a longer period of time.


With a vast network of jaggery producers all over the country Gajna Overseas has a great sourcing strength to locate the availability of jaggery with desired quality parameters.

Deep Assortment

Being a specialty exporter of jaggery Gajna Overseas have deep assortment of products.


We perform rigorous and frequent quality checks to ensure that you get only the best.

Reasons to count on us

With the services of Gajna Overseas you can be sure of

  • Competitive Prices

  • On time delivery

  • Transparent Dealing

Certificates & Registrations

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apeda fssai gst udyam incorporation ioid

Benefits of Jaggery

Rich in Nutrients

Jaggery contains all the minerals and vitamins present in sugarcane juice where it is absorbed from the soil. It is known as the healthiest sugar in the world.

Good Source of Energy

Jaggery is far complex than sugar, as it is made up of longer chains of sucrose. Hence it is digested slower than sugar and release energy slowly and not spontaneously. This provides energy for a longer time and is not harmful for the body.

Cleansing Agent

Jaggery is very good as a cleansing agent. It cleans lungs, stomach, intestine, esophagus and respiratory tracts. Those who face dust in their day to day life are highly recommended to take a daily dose of jaggery. This can keep them safe from asthma, cough & cold, congestion in chest etc.

Unique Taste

Jaggery develops a unique taste as a sweetener.

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